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Better health and wellbeing for aging adults

We’re on a mission to help caregivers remotely monitor and support older adults. Our products offer a more convenient and dignified approach to home monitoring by using privacy preserving sensors.  No wearables, buttons to push or devices to charge. If your loved one needs help, they can simply use their voice.  Caregivers get peace of mind through real-time notifications and weekly activity reporting sent to their smartphone.


Our Story

Chirp began with a question: Is it possible to monitor a loved one, without asking them to wear something or install cameras?

It was 2019 when the question struck. Chirp cofounder Justin Schorn was living in Waterloo, Canada while flying back and forth to school in Boston. There he did a school project at a senior living community which opened his eyes to the importance of tech-enabled solutions for the rapidly expanding aging population.

Historically, the standard of care has been a “personal emergency response system” or PERS device — a pendant worn around the neck with a button that notifies a call center. Understandably, PERS have a high rejection rate due to the stigma attached to them. 

Alternatively, some caregivers install “nanny cams.” Cameras are ubiquitous in many public and private spaces but many seniors view the installation of cameras in their home as a violation of privacy.

In search of answers, Justin joined up with Shannon White and Parthipan Siva, who shared his passion for technology, privacy and community, and tackling unsolved challenges.

After securing a place in Waterloo’s Accelerator Centre, they setup shop and got to work. The first device and app was built over many non-stop days and shipped within 6 months. A second batch of 35 devices were shipped a few months after.

Today, as questions of convenience, privacy and trust become ever more vital, Chirp continues to break new ground to become world leaders in privacy preserving, non-wearable home monitoring.

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