Frequently Asked Questions

How many devices do we need ?

Place 1 device per room, typically the bedroom, bathroom and main living area.
The devices indirectly monitor activity and alert you to key events such as hearing “help”.

Can my loved one call for help manually ?

Yes! Chirp includes a microphone and speaker.  Anytime Chirp detects repeated calls for “help”, an alarm will be sent to caregivers in the app.  Caregivers can call the Chirp device to speak to the care recipient. 

What if I have a medical alert pendant ?

Chirp can be used as an additional layer of safety. The challenge is that emergency alert necklaces or wristbands must be physically worn at all times. This may be inconvenient. Further, these systems normally rely on accelerometers to look for sudden falls. These devices may not detect slow, sliding falls.

Is this better than motion sensors?

Radar based solutions are unique in that they can sense the range, velocity and angle of objects. These features provide higher detection accuracy than typical motion sensors.

What about privacy ?

Security and safety should not come at the cost of privacy. No intrusive cameras means your loved one’s privacy is preserved.

Is radar safe in the home?

Yes! It emits 1/50,000th of the signals a Wi-Fi router emits. It is completely safe to use on a daily basis.