Can your loved one get help when they need it?

No more buttons to push or devices to wear.  Install the FREE Chirp app today.

Things you can say

Setup is easy

Install Chirp app

Caregivers install Chirp Smart Home Sensor app in order to receive alerts

Enable Skill on Alexa device

Open the Alexa app on the care recipient's phone and select Skills and search for "My Helper" skill.

Link accounts

After Skill is enabled, link caregiver Chirp account with care recipient's Alexa account

Install our app to get started

Notify multiple caregivers

With the “My Helper” Alexa Skill enabled,  your loved one can send a help request to multiple caregivers at once

Frequently asked questions

No.  Only the care recipient needs an Amazon Echo device to call for help.  The caregivers receive notifications in the Chirp app.

The Chirp app and Alexa Skill are free.

Currently the Alexa Skill is only available in US & Canada.

Your loved one needs to enable the Alexa skill on their Amazon account.  Using their Alexa app, just search for “My Helper” from Chirp.

Yes.  Simply enable the Alexa skill on the Amazon account and it will be available on all Echo devices.

All Echo devices are supported, such as Amazon Echo Flex, Echo Dot and Echo Show.

A Chirp device is a dedicated home monitoring device with advanced features.  It will be available soon!  But don’t worry, the Alexa Skill will work without it.

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